Villa de Leyva & Ráquira
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Villa de Leyva & Ráquira

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Located in the state of Boyacá, 170 km north of Bogotá, Villa de Leyva is a National Monument since 1954.  A charming town of cobblestoned streets and cafĂ©s, it is best known for its well-preserved 16th century colonial architecture and its magnificent 14,000-m2 square, Plaza Mayor.

The town is surrounded by an exuberant nature and diversified landscapes. On one side, the Iguaque natural park where the mythical Bachué came out of a lagoon, 4800m up in the mountain, to become the mother of the Muisca civilisation; on the other side, the Candelaria desert with its impressive blue lagoons and various archaeological museums.

Not far from Villa de Leyva lies Ráquira, a very colorful and charming town that specializes in artisan pottery. Ráquira means “City of Pots” in the Chibcha language. When the Spanish conquerors arrived there and saw the diversity of ceramic utensils and the great skill of the Indians, they gave it the name of “Village of Pot Makers”.
Amaterra will give you the opportunity to visit a handcraft workshop and learn how the pottery is made in the traditional way by the hands of experts who take clumps of clay and turn them into pitchers, piggy banks, and all kinds of utensils.

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