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Barranquilla “Curramba la Bella”, the fourth city in population density after Bogotá, Medellin and Cali lies strategically next to the delta of the Magdalena River on the Caribbean Sea, serving as port for river and maritime transportation within Colombia.  With a year-round tropical climate, averaging almost 32°C, Barranquilla is also the main industrial, shopping, educational and cultural center of the Caribbean Region of Colombia.

In of 2003, UNESCO proclaimed the “Carnaval de Barranquilla” as one of 28 different "masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity". This is the city´s annual most popular event, which is celebrated a few days before Easter and is broadly recognized as one of the world's largest carnivals. Varied manifestations as folk dances, songs, games, legends, tales and superstitions originated in Barranquilla and reach their peak during the Carnival.
The Cumbia is the most representative rhythm of the city and is deeply rooted in the entire Caribbean region of Colombia. Among the famous “barranquilleros” are Shakira and baseball player Edgar Rentería. The literature Nobel Prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez spent many of his young years in this city among various other recognized Colombian artists from the Caribbean region, who used to gather in the mythical restaurant-bar La Cueva, which is still today cultural center and restaurant.

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