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Tailor-made Specials

Amaterra will create for you the holiday your are dreaming of ; tell us what you want and we will organize it for you.
For inspiration, have a look at the different regions and activities or at our Amaterra tours and tell what you would wish to include in your holiday.

Here are some examples of Amaterra tailor-made activities :

Marketplace/cooking tour (4h) :
54We will take you to the traditional market in Bogota, where you will have the possibility of trying various tropical fruit and feeling the vivid and colorful atmosphere of a typical market place. Once our shopping is done, we will go cook, bake and taste some of the typical Colombian snacks and pastries, an opportunity for you to learn a couple of local recipes, and why not, in doing so, a bit of Spanish.



Spanish tour (4-8 h) :
Spend the day or half a day learning (or refreshing...) your Spanish. At the Sergio Arboleda University´s language center you will have the opportunity of having a brief but intensive language mini course that will give you some Spanish basics (which will we useful during the rest of your trip), and you will get to feel the atmosphere of a Colombian University.

Going Social (3-4 hours) :
IMG 2028We invite you to visit one of our partners, the Colombianitos Foundation. This international nonprofit organization brings new hope for a better future to thousands of children who are victims of the armed conflict, forced displacement and, consequently, a life of absolute poverty in one of the impoverished city slums in the South of the City. It´s time to share a couple of hours with the actors of this beautiful program which uses sport as a tool to build strong values and life skills transforming highly disadvantaged communities into social environments that support and reinforce positive lifestyles.

IMG 2037In Cartagena, visit the quarters of The Colegio del Cuerpo in the GetsemanĂ­ neighborhood. Through artistic excellence this non-profit organization contributes to the social, educational, economical and human development of critical populations in the Cartagena area, and has become an internationally recognized contemporary dance company, as well as a model of integral education. We will get a chance to meet the actors of this amazing project and get to see the day-to-day life of this unique dance company.


Going Green (3-4 hours) :
IMG 2029Visit the José Celestino Mutis botanical garden. In the heart of Bogotá, but away from the city buzz, you can admire this magnificent garden hoe to an impressive sampling of the Colombian flora. A specialized guide will take you along an incredible journey through the different regions of the country and its native species…a nice way to get ready for your « look-outs » during the rest of your trip.
Did you know ?
Colombia is the country in the world with the most species of orchids in the world, more than 3000 ! Admire a great number of these in the impressive collection of the botanical garden.

Art Gallery tour (4-8 h) :
55Bogotá is today one of the main centers of contemporary art in Latin America. Various art happenings take place during the year, like the Art Bo fair. Spend the day or the afternoon with a local art expert visiting the most important art galleries in the city, artist workshops and private collections. A percentage of this tour´s price will go to a young Colombian artists´ virtual platform.

Dancing tour (4h) :
56Do you want to learn to dance salsa, merengue, champeta or any other Latin rhythm ? This tour takes you to a dance academy, where for a couple of hours you will get the basics of your chosen rhythm taught to you by a professional dance teacher.


Photography tour (4h) :
Do you want to take great pictures during your trip ? Do you want to learn how to use your camera at its full potential ? This tour is for you. You will spend the day or the afternoon with a professional photographer who will give you some of the basics of photography, show you how to best use your camera, and take you in a photo mini-expedition in a place of the city that interests you.  You will then analyze your shots and get some advice around a cup of hot chocolate and some typical local pastries.

Night out, live music/salsa club (2-4 h) :
Discover one of the famous salsa clubs in town, and have the chance of sharing a moment of fiesta with the locals! Or, according to availability, checkout a live concert in the buzzing & dancing nightlife of the city.

Religious tour (4h) :
Tour of Baby Jesus at the « 20 de Julio». This tour takes you through the city to a neighborhood in the South of town, where the Sanctuary of the Divine Child is located. He is considered by devotees to be miraculous, reason why this church is visited by thousands of Colombians all year round.

Hobby´s tours :
57Do you like bird watching ? Are you an orchid lover ? Are you into fishing ? Are you a golfer ? Are you passionate for bullfighting ? Do you love Spa´s and beauty centers ? We will organize for you, half a day, a day or more enjoying the activity of your choice. Just tell us what you are wishing for !