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Colombia Practical Info

Practical Info

Credit and debit cards are the safest and easiest way to access money in Colombia. Almost all major banks have adjacent ATMs, and they usually work fine with cards issued outside Colombia.

Health & safety
Colombian pharmacies stock all kinds of drugs, and medication can be cheaper than in Western countries. There are few restricted drugs; almost everything is sold over the counter. Many drugs are manufactured locally under foreign license.

The El Dorado international airport of Bogota is about 6 miles from the centre. Airport departure tax for international flights is USD 24 and 34 for stays exceeding 60 days.

Local time
Time in Colombia is based on Greenwich Mean Time with a difference of five or six hours, depending on the season.

The official language is Spanish.

The great majority of the population is Catholic.

Pesos colombianos. Currency converter.

The sanitary authorities recommend that visitors travelling to the Pacific and Caribbean coasts are vaccinated for yellow fever ten days before their arrival in Colombia.

Voltage is 120 V. An adaptor is needed.

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