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We support

In the development of a sustainable and responsible tourism in Colombia, we support local programs, which are active in social, cultural and environmental actions. Within our Amaterra options (link a tailor made), you will have the opportunity of visiting them, and for a couple of hours of your trip, share some meaningful moments with the actors of these beautiful programs. If you wish, you may support them too !

Some of our partners :

Colombianitos :

Colombianitos is an international nonprofit organization bringing new hope for a better future to thousands of children who are victims of the armed conflict, forced displacement and, consequently, a life of absolute poverty in Colombia.  

Colombianitos works with 3,474 children in six severely affected areas of Colombia. Their programs motivate these children to acquire an education and build strong values and life skills along the way to become healthy, productive individuals.

Colegio del Cuerpo :

Through artistic excellence this non-profit organization contributes to the social, educational, economical and human development of critical populations, and has become a recognized contemporary dance company, as well as a model of integral education.