Amaterra Spirit
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Why Us Amaterra Spirit

Amaterra Spirit

Amaterra connects people to people, people to their passion and dreams, and people to nature.
Our goal is to make you “feel” Colombia by having a unique, profound, and unforgettable experience, as we work towards developing a sustainable and responsible tourism in our country.
We are passionate about travel and consider it to be a great sense-awakening opportunity. This is why we create our tours thinking of all the details and possibilities that will enhance your five senses.

  • Amazing landscapes, flora and fauna
  • Music, dance, arts & crafts
  • New scents and flavors
  • A great range of climates, sceneries, and activities
  • Español, sí señor ! Why not learn a bit while enjoying your holiday !
  • Meet and share with the local´s and savor the spice of the Colombian culture
  • Have the opportunity to support a local action which will make a difference in the development of Colombia
  • Leave a beautiful footprint behind