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Gorgona, the “Science Island”, is located on the Pacific Ocean about 50 km off the Colombian Pacific coast and is part of the municipality of Guapi in the Cauca Department.

The 25-km² paradisiac island is a mecca for eco-tourism and fauna and flora research due to its coral reef and tropical rainforest ecosystems. It is surrounded by numerous smaller stacks and keys and is separated from the continent by a 270-meter (885 ft.) deep underwater depression. The island served as a prison until 1985, when the Colombian government made it into a National Natural Park due to its large number of endemic species resulting from its isolation from the American continent.

The island has an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius; with an average 98% humidity, intense rainfalls and misty days are frequent. The island has at least twenty-five permanent fresh-water streams; in less than half a kilometer on the beach called La Camaronera ten creeks reach the sea. The shores of Gorgona are mainly steep plunging cliffs and the beaches  are made by coral reef detritus. Its dense rainforest gives shelter to some unique species, like the Blue Lizard of Gorgona.

The island´s natural wealth consists of 147 bird species, over 100 insect species, more than 500 species of marine fauna, and hundreds of species of marine and terrestrial flora. Among the terrestrial animals: sloths, lizards, fresh water turtles, snakes, babilla alligators, and the endemic fresh water crabs.
Aditionally, divers can enjoy the amazing underwater gardens that surround the island and constitute the most diverse coral bank in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean, and also the largest in the country’s Pacific region. The yearly visit of humpback whales during their mating season from August to October attract many nature lovers. Dolphins, porpoises, cachalots, sharks, and sea wolves are among the many animals that can be seen in this magnificent island.

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