Pacific Region
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Pacific Region

The Pacific Region is one of the five major natural regions of Colombia. It covers the area near the Pacific Ocean, which is divided in the departments of Choc√≥, with coasts on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the Valle del Cauca, Cauca and Nari√Īo. The major cities are Cali (the third city in Colombia and capital of the Valle del Cauca), Buenaventura (the Colombian biggest port on the Pacific Ocean), Quibd√≥ (capital of Choc√≥), Popay√°n (a very well preserved colonial city) and Pasto (a city in the Andean highlands).

The Pacific region, specially the Chocó area, has a very high rainfall level, one of the biggest in the world ; the Atrato River, one of the rivers with the highest water flow in the planet, almost creates a natural channel between the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

The population in the Pacific region is largely Afro-Colombian, especially in the Chocó department, but Indian ethnical groups such as the Guambianos and the Paeces inhabit the Cauca department.

It is a region with beautiful and exotic landscapes, beaches bordered by mangroves, and a great biodiversity. The Darien jungle, located within the limits of Colombia and Panama, is home to many unclassified species of flora and fauna and has many places yet to be discovered. Bahia Solano and Nuquí are the most visited places on these coasts due to their lovely beaches and confortable Eco lodges. Gorgona, Gorgonilla, and Malpelo National Parks constitute excellent destinations for scuba diving and other nautical sports; their amazing underwater gardens are a true delight.

Every year, between August and October, humpback whales come to this area to breed and mate, and some turtle species to lay their eggs. Listening to the beautiful symphonies played by the whales with their mating sounds is a one of a kind experience. These natural phenomena, the variety of natural places to discover, and the rich fauna and flora of this region make it an ideal place for ecotourism. Long stretches of virgin sand beaches fringed by the tropical rain forest make you feel the uniqueness of this secret piece of paradise.

Within the Pacific Region, Colombia has several national natural parks like Katios(shared with Panama), Utría, Sanquianga, Gorgona and Gorgonilla, Malpelo, Farallones de Cali, Tatamá, and the Fauna and Flora Sanctuaries of the Isla de la Carota and Galeras.

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