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Tierradentro, a National archeological park in the spectacular region of Cauca, is one of Colombia's true hidden gems. It is located 100 km away from the capital of the department, Popayán and was declared by the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Little is known from this pre-Columbian culture that created this funeral complex, though it is estimated that it inhabited this area during the first millennium A.C. The archaeological park features hypogea dating from the 6th to the 9th centuries AD.
The typical hypogeum has an entry oriented towards the west, a spiral staircase and a main chamber, usually 5 to 8 meters below the surface, with several lesser chambers around, each one containing a corpse. The walls are painted with geometric, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic patterns in red, black and white.

The mystery surrounding the tombs and the statues dotted throughout the area make Tierradentro a magical place to visit ; trekking through its magnificent scenery is a true delight.

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