Parque de los Nevados
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Parque de los Nevados

El Parque Nacional Los Nevados provides some of Colombia's finest trekking scenery. In the midst of the Colombian central mountain chain, snow and sand live side-by-side, and small spouts of water surge to supply nearby towns.

The Park is extremely high, with various snow-covered peaks and all the savage beauty associated with mountains, dormant volcanoes, hot springs and recent memories of tragic eruptions.

Home to the huge volcanoes of Nevado del Ruiz, Nevado de Santa Rosa and Nevado del Tolima, this snow-caked range of volcanic peaks offers some of the most stunning views in the Colombian Andes, plus some fine hiking trails through cloud forests. The highest of the three, Nevado del Ruiz (5321 m) erupted in 1985, completely destroying the village of Armero under a mud stream. In total the eruption killed more than 25,000 people. The Nevado del Tolima is also still active but hasn’t shown major changes in activity recently.

The park is in the Coffee region, and it is located on the highest part of the central mountain range of the Colombian Andes. Temperatures range from 14º C to –3º C. Andean forests grow in the valleys and slopes of the lower part of the park. The wax palm, Colombia’s natural tree stands out in the lush green scenery. Its fauna is varied: tapirs, spectacled bears, 20 species of bats and many species of frogs. The high-altitude volcano vegetation with “frailejones” up to 12 m, the volcanic lakes and the active volcanoes are all absolutely worth visiting.

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