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Cali, “Capital Mundial de la Salsa” is Colombia’s third largest city. It has a privileged geographical location due to its proximity to the port-city of Buenaventura, Colombia´s main port on the Pacific ocean. The city´s industrial development is remarkable for the regional economy, and is reflected in the many sugar plantations on the area, which are part of the legacy of the haciendas (plantations).

Spending a day in one of these is like traveling in time- spectacular sceneries and a romantic atmosphere make you feel as a character of a novel from the 19th century.

Fiestas, street partying, and dancing all night long are Cali´s specialty. Salsa forms an important part of Cali's colorful history. Its roots come from the time of slavery during the colonial period, becoming an influential piece of heritage that even today stands out in the local culture. If you're looking to dance the night away to exciting salsa rhythms, the best area to go is Juanchito, Cali's dance district, and visit venues such as Samba Caramba, Baracoa and Don Jose. In this vibrant neighborhood, you'll come across everything from romantic dances like the so-called "viejotecas" to dance clubs with upbeat rhythms. You're sure to experience a memorable night in the Juanchito neighborhood.
Local, tourists and visitors come together on the dance floor to dance until dawn. The most important celebrations occurs during the “Feria de Cali”, known as well as the “Feria de la Caña” and “Feria de la Salsa” at the beginning of the year.

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