Cocuy National Park
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Cocuy National Park

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This national park is officially called Parque Nacional Natural de Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Chita y GĂĽicán, but most people just call it Parque Nacional Natural El Cocuy. Its 306,000 hectares are located in  the Boyacá, Arauca and Casanare regions of Colombia. The Sierra Nevada has 21 peaks, several over 5,000 meters (16,400 feet); Ritacuba Blanco is the highest, at 5,330 meters (17,483 feet). The northern part of the park belongs to the indigenous U'wa territory and it is the best preserved, in mostly due to the U'wa's respect of Mother Earth…

Fauna species found in the park include the spectacled bear, puma, chinchilla rabbit, mountain tapir, cock-of-the-rock, torrent duck, the mythical Andean condor, the Aguila real and a large variety of hummingbirds.
Flora is equally diverse, due to the many eco-systems embraced by the park: fields of furry 15-foot-tall plants called frailejones ( because they are thought to resemble hooded monks in silhouette), cardoon cactus, the encillo and sietecueros trees, numerous varieties of mosses and lichens, cojines (plantago rigido), and ground orchids among others…

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