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Medellin, “the land of the eternal spring” and “the capital of flowers” is the second largest, and most progressive city in Colombia.  Home of orchids, parks and tropical birds, Medellin lies cradled in the Aburra Valley, bisected by the Medellin River, which runs North and South. Located at 1,600 meters, the city's average annual temperature is 22ÂşC.

With great restaurants, hotels, popular museums, as well as the biggest collection of Fernando Botero´s works on display, Medellin is a modern world-class city.  One of the city´s main attractions is its incredible botanical garden with houses a fine, representative selection of native species and orchids. There is also the Flower Festival which takes place each year at the beginning of August, renowned for its famous “silletero´ s parade”(flower grower displaying their production in all its glory through the streets), and coinciding with horse shows and other festivities. Each month and on different days there is usually a “tangovĂ­a” which is a street festival based around the tango and popular music.

Medellin is the capital city of the region of Antioquia, which has many attractions to discover like ever green forests, parks, lakes, rivers, as well as beautiful colonial villages, of which Santa Fe de Antioquia is the most popular for its impressive collection of churches and museums, and walk across the famous hanging bridge, Puente de Occidente.

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