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The Guajira Peninsula is an arid but beautiful desert region with dramatic landscapes and some huge empty beaches. Excellent for off the beaten track adventure tours in Colombia, it lies on the coast eastwards of Riohacha and the Tayrona Park. The region is sparsely populated by indigenous Wayuu Indians and Uribia is their capital. It has a daily market, good for buying Wayuu handicrafts and clothing, such as vibrant and colorful hammocks and bags (Mochilas). The Wayuu Indian festival, with dance, music, rituals, food, games and crafts, takes place in May.

One of the main attractions of this region is the Cabo de la Vela, a desert landscape of huge bays and empty beaches, famous for its lighthouse and the beaches of Pilón de Azúcar. The regular wind makes it one of Colombia's best windsurfing spots.

The Manaure open-air salt mines offer impressive views with contrasting colors: pink and blue waters, yellow sand landscapes, white salt and blue skies. The flora and fauna Sanctuary (Sanctuario Flora y Fauna los Flamingos) is on the coastline near Manaure; with a diverse range of flora and fauna in mangrove swamps and lagoons it is home to wild pink flamingos, pelicans, turtles and birds.

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